BOSS AUDIO TUBE Black Weatherproof IPX5 Portable Bluetooth Marine Speaker System

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BOSS Audio Systems Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Weatherproof IPX5 Rated, USB/SD Ports, FM Tuner, Track/Volume/Station Soft-Touch Controls, Blue LED Illumination


BOSS AUDIO TUBE Black Weatherproof IPX5 Portable Bluetooth Marine Speaker System

20 reviews for BOSS AUDIO TUBE Black Weatherproof IPX5 Portable Bluetooth Marine Speaker System

  1. Curtis

    had mine now for 4 months straight playing my YouTube mix at home for praise and worship HALLELUJAH ty might by more and get the whole place bumping 🙂

  2. sara

    This things rocks!! It gets loud! Sound is sharp!

  3. WVUFan

    still working great after four wheeling in the mud

  4. Robert

    I give this speaker 5 stars cause it charges in 30 min. and I’ve been playing it for 4 hours straight so far and its still going strong. Its louder than a Construction sight and I love it I plan on getting a second one to connect to it. I am very satisfied. I recommend everyone get this speaker.

  5. wanda

    Very good radio it’s loud and worth the money

  6. Jessica

    I like the size, but it is not really as loud as some of the other reviews said. The sound is also susceptible to location of the speaker. If it is out in the open, say on the kitchen island, it sounds a little tinny, if it is on my desk with the wall behind it, you get a better sound. Over-all, I am super pleased, it is perfect for my office and is pretty loud in that smaller, enclosed area, it won’t make your ears bleed, but for the price, it is a good sound.

  7. litbit

    They supposed to be brand new but they came in used for the same price as new

  8. Angela

    speaker was great for a couple months then the charging port became lose and I literally have to hold the cord in or try and tape it down to take the charge. I’m so sick of buying these speakers and they only last a short while. now I have to buy another one.

  9. Hazard1nc

    I bought tnis for work, and it works okay, but it’s not what they claimed it was. its not worth the money I spent on it honestly. After a month if use, the speaker where the buttons and functions are, fell off. cheaply assembled. I’m glad I didn’t try to check out its water reaistance, I’d be scared it wouldn’t work properply. It is loud, with little to no bass at all.

    I’d say get the sony party speaker or the jbl party speaker if you want a good speaker, they are expensive though.

  10. Jobo

    Absolutely the worst value out there . .. tried 2x with a purchase and then a return exchange.. both failed in a month because the charging ports just fall apart like tin foil. Been a big Walmart fan for many years, but their customer service has gone from good to non-existent!

  11. Alex

    This speaker has decent sound, and the lowest price, but that is not enough. The constant flashing blue lights are a borderline health hazard so I disassembled it to disconnect them. The volume control is difficult to adjust.

  12. Mark

    I like everything about it, I just think the sound could of be a little better especially with the size of it. Perfect speaker for a small family gathering. So I give it 4 out of 5 stars

  13. Eloisaj18

    This speaker works very well definitely worth buying it. The price I paid for it was very affordable. You all should definitely buy it for yourselves.

  14. Donald

    When I purchased this item, I thought that because of its size that it would have more bass than it does. Somewhat disappointed in that. Otherwise, this item is easy to use and has plenty of volume to listen to music

  15. Aldra

    I think this sound system is nice for the price, easy to operate. It’s not as loud as I would like, but close. It’s almost new I haven’t tried the waterproof version yet. Overall it’s durable.

  16. WishIdgottentheitem

    it’s ok but not good enough to hear over a silenced 2 stroke or 4 stroke and that’s with volume booster apps on phone and tablets only good for small spaces

  17. jroberts

    I really enjoy this Bluetooth

  18. Christine

    So far the speaker has performed as advertised. Loving the base and the fact that I dont have to stress about getting it wet

  19. Helkin

    Really happy with this item, I was surprised when I took it out the box and the sound its pretty good. Worth the money

  20. Leeka

    I live it ! So loud I wasn’t expecting the blue light to move with the music lol this was a early bday gift to myself you don’t need instructions easy connect to to my iPhone 11 Pro ! And while looking at the little book it said you can buy another one and pair with the same speaker for that boom boom sound lol well they didn’t say boom boom but y’all know what I’m saying lol I def will buy another one I wish we could change the color but over all it’s a good loud speaker I stay in a apartment I went to my car just to see how loud and fat it stretch and heard it had my windows up of course lol

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