Hyper Tough 25FT 16AWG 3 Prong Tan Single Outlet Outdoor Extension Cord

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This Hyper Tough 16/3 25′ Outdoor Extension Cord is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, and provides extra reach for your appliances and power tools. It has 16 gauge thickness, one grounded outlet and is rated for 125V, 13A or 1625W, making it suitable for many applications. With a limited 2-year warranty, this cord provides added length for your landscaping projects, lighting holiday decorations and other electrical connectivity needs. With the bright color, it can easily be spotted when used outdoor. Its color also prevents users from being stumbled, providing an extra safety. Meets ETL safety and quality standards and includes a grounded plug for maximum safety. The hook and loop strap makes for easy storage or to contain extra length that’s not in use at the time. This is an extension cord with multi-purpose, using it to power domestic tools and to decorate your garden. This cord provides added length for your landscaping projects, lighting holiday decorations and other electrical connectivity needs. The Hyper Tough Extension Cord is definitely your best choice.

HyperTough 25FT 16AWG 3 Prong Tan Single Outlet Outdoor Extension Cord

  • 1 grounded outlet
  • 16 gauge
  • Light duty
  • 25′ long Hyper Tough extension cord
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Rated for 125V, 13A or 1625W
  • 3 pronged
  • Meets OSHA specifications
  • ETL Listed
  • California Proposition 65 Warning
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Tan Color

Hyper Tough 25FT 16AWG 3 Prong Tan Single Outlet Outdoor Extension Cord

19 reviews for Hyper Tough 25FT 16AWG 3 Prong Tan Single Outlet Outdoor Extension Cord

  1. Mythreesunz

    I received my Hyper Tough Extension Cord from the Spark Reviewer Program. This is the 25 foot 16 gauge indoor outdoor extension cord with 13 max amps. This is the perfect size cord to keep in our oversized garage. It will also come in handy over the holidays when we put out our lights! The hook and loop strap works great for neat and tidy storage on the wall. 2 other great features I like about this cord is, it is water-resistant and flame retardant. I am very satisfied with our Hyper Tough Extension Cord and would recommend it to anyone.

  2. Leo

    I got this 25 foot extension cord to use outdoors. It’s green in color and blends with the grass. Using it to light up Lawn decorations. We have green grass year round. It looks so much better than the bright orange cords. It also works great when I want to use my power tools outside. It has a great little Velcro strap with a hook so I can hang this up when not in use. This strap keeps it nice and secure and not a tangled mess. Great cord and very happy with it.

  3. Egoodan

    I recently went through a power outage that lasted 16 days. Neighbours were without, family members, etc. You just never know when having cords around will be so helpful. This cord isn’t the most heavy duty cord but it’s a nice lightweight outdoor cord that I will plan on using with my pool pump this morning. And I’m more than excited to have this extra cord around my house.

  4. 19481955

    This is another fine product from “Hyper Tough” in a 25 foot long medium duty, 14 gauge extension cord. Very supple and pliable, with a thick outer coating, which tells me the coating will not crack and expose the inner wires when used in harsh conditions such as blazing heat or freezing temps. Rated at 15 amps for this length, it should be good enough to handle any electrical load you can dish out. Both ends are a very strong plastic and molded right to the insulated wiring so they will not kink.
    For storing it has a velcro strap permanently attached to the cord which after curling it all up this strap will hold it in check!
    Looking forward to many outdoor tasks using this cord.

  5. Houstonian28

    I like my new Hyper Tough 25FT 14/3 Extension Cord Red for Outdoor Use. This 25 foot 14 gauge cord will handle a maximum of 15 amps. The dark red color is a refreshing change from the typical green you find in most outdoor extension cords. The outlet is grounded and there is a 2 year limited warranty but honestly I have never had any extension cord fail that would be a warranty situation. I tested the cord inside so I could plug many different things into it including a fan, kitchen appliances, hedge clippers, power drill battery charger, and a few other items. All of the items functioned fine so I feel good about the cord as it did not get warm or anything else that seemed abnormal. I also like the Velcro hanger that is attached to the cord as it is handy to be able to tie the cord up when it is not in use and the Velcro hanger is attached around the cord so you do not have to worry about it falling off and getting lost. Then it has a small round ring attached to the rolled up cord can be hung easily for storage. It’s an extension cord but it does seem to be a good one so I recommend it to those needing one.

  6. Twinkly

    The long 50ft length medium duty, extension cord is great for outside use. It’s so nice for electric power tools, charging cordless tools.pluging in electrical objects outside. Has a piece of Velcro to help keep it coiled.
    It’s well sheilded against water and is flame-retardant. It is also grounded.
    It’s sturdy and should last many years. A great item.

  7. Christina

    I never thought I could be so happy over a cord but this is the perfect length where it isn’t so long and heavy its hard to manage, also easy to unkink its softer then others I have used. It’s great when I vacuum and I can do the entire area of house and stairs without it having to keep changing outlets which is annoying when your in that cleaning mindset. I love that I have a white one, nice to look at usually these thicker ones are bright orange.

  8. JBinFL

    The HyperTough 100 foot red outdoor extension cord is perfect for what I needed. First off, it’s 100 foot which makes it so much easier for me on “take care of the yard day”. I don’t have to piggyback two 50 foot cords and I no longer have to unplug from the front outlet and walk back to the backyard outlet. It’s long enough to where I can almost go around the house (not quite, but close).

    It’s 14 gauge and listed as medium duty, but I use it for all of my outdoor tools. The weedeater, the hedge trimmer, the leaf blower and it has zero problems with heating up. I’ve only had it for a few days so far, but I have been able to do the entire yard using everything listed above, and it’s held up just as expected.

    I would have no problem recommending this to anyone who needs a real good medium duty extension cord for around the house, and I attached a couple of pictures so you can see exactly what it looks like and how it’s packaged. I’ve never had any problems with any of the hypertough products and don’t expect I’ll have any with this either. A good buy.

  9. AnonyMouse

    This extension cord is thicker than the one I replaced. I like that it has a strap and a loop to hang it up easily. That’s a really nice feature. The cord handled a circular saw and leaf blower with no problems. The exterior is nice and rugged And looks like it will last for a while. All in all, very nice extension cord.

  10. cindylouwho

    I am a spark reviewer I received a Hyper Tough 100 foot cord to review . It is super heavy duty and the plug connections are strong and stay put when you plug them in to an out let. I ran my generator using it and the cord stayed cool and operated it with ease. I love that it has a wrap around material on it so when i wind it up it stays that way. and that it also has a handy loop so i can hang it in my garage on a hook or nail. It is very well made and not made of a hard stiff material so it moves easily as I am using it. Great product.

  11. NicoleS

    I always look for the Hyper Touch name brand for their quality products. I ordered this to use with my electric weed eater and it works perfectly. It’s 14 gauge, medioum duty with 13 AMPS. It has 1 grounded outlet and it water-resistant and flame retardant. It also comes with a 2 year limited warranty. It comes with a Velcro strap to make winding it up for storage easy. The thick outer coating assures me that this cord will last a long time.

  12. Kaypea

    This is noted on the wrapper as a water-resistant, light duty cord. It comes with a velcro strap. The triple prongs are off-set and accommodate large size plugs. I used three items with large plugs to test this – a computer, cell phone, and Dremel. For the largest plug, the Dremel, I would have been able to plug in two but not three (see photo). All three appliances worked fine when plugged in to this extension cord. This cord will come in handy for my outdoor Halloween and Christmas decorations.

  13. MaryB

    This 25 foot outdoor outlet extension cord is definitely Hyper Tough! It is well made and durable. The cord also comes with a convenient Velcro strap for nice storage when not in use. The three prongs make it easy to have minimal cords on the ground while plugging in multiple devices.

  14. Patti

    This three prong cord is the perfect length for using on a stage at an outdoor gig. You can use it indoors or outdoors. It is grounded in case of inclement weather. It is 16 gauge, so it’s adequate for electric musical equipment. It’s not heavy and bulky at 25 feet. The best feature is that it services three attachments with one cord, so less of a chance for getting tangled up. The only one thing I would change is to have a little cap\seal to cover the prongs that are not in use. It is not necessary, actually, but I liked those on the single extension cords I have had in the past.

    We used this cord for power tools in the workshop also. The workshop is small, so this 25 foot cord is plenty long enough to use for three tools. Its very convenient to NOT have to stop and take one tool off the cord to attach another one.

    I plan to use this cord on the patio for lighting this summer.

  15. Jramlet

    I love how easy it is to use. I love how the outlets are positioned so I can hook more up at one time. I really enjoy the hook on it so it is easy to hang up after I’m done using. I like the length of the cord. I also loved how easy it is to plug anything in.

  16. Hues999

    I ordered this cord back in the Fall with the intent of using it to simplify set-up of my outdoor Christmas lights and displays. Due to the virus and everything being slow, it arrived to me after Valentines’ Day. But no problem, I will surely use it next year for the holidays; and when the weather is better, I will also make use of it for outdoor lighting when entertaining. Unfortunately I’m unable to show you “in action” pics as we’re snow buried just now, have been for the last two weeks, and most likely still will be for the next couple of weeks ahead.

    Here are the specs for the cord: It’s 25 feet long and 16 gauge, which is light duty. So it’s not intended for power tools, but is perfect for lighting and similar displays. Rather than just one plug at the head, this cord features three that are also three-pronged for grounding. It’s intended for outdoor use, but is surely fine for indoor as well. Being green, it will blend in with grass and shrubbery; and it comes with a nice velcro strap complete with a hanging ring when not in use.

    It’s exactly what I wanted, and I will make use of it often. I can recommend this as a very handy “tool” that will eliminate the need for running three cords rather than just this one.

  17. nickel

    The hyper tough 25 foot extension cord for outdoor use is very durable. It’s a light duty 16 gauge cord. The cord has a one grounded outlet, which was ok for us because we dont plug a lot of things in outside. Its water resistant and flame retardant. We have one outdoor light that we used this for and it worked perfectly! The cord wasnt really too thick which is great because I could bend it how I needed it easily. I personally feel like the 25ft extension cord works out great because it isn’t too long to where I am having to hide extra cord. It said I could use this inside also, which will come in handy. Our garage would be perfect for the indoor use. I feel like it would be a little too thick using it inside the house. I like to be able to hide cords if it’s in the house. This does come with a two year warranty, but I doubt I will need it because I’ve never had a problem with an extension cord yet!! I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest review. It is a good thing because it came in very handy!

  18. Doc57

    My requested item turn out to be a good product.
    I used it to do some work around the yard.
    The green will help with holiday yard decorations
    as it will blend in with the grass.
    Cord does clean up easily and comes with a strap
    to wrap it up and hang it when not in use.

  19. Maureen

    Love having this 16 gauge, 25 foot extension cord. It’s strong, durable, flame retardant, water resistant, and, most of all I can use it outdoor, and, indoors while feeling safe. Used it today to extend my vacuum while cleaning 17 steps.. length is great for any machine needing an extension cord.

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