HyperTough 500 Lumen LED Solar Powered Motion Sensor Street Light

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The HyperTough 500 Lumen Street Light is an easy way to illuminate areas of your deck, patio, porch, backyard, barn, outbuilding or any other area that can use light.  No electricity needed! Use the power of the sun.  This light is one piece design.  Install on any flat surface with the solar panel directed to the sun.  The included and replaceable lithium-ion battery will charge during the day and will turn on automatically at night.  The light will be on at a low level until motion is detected.  The light will increase to full power for 30 seconds after motion is detected.  It will then return to low light. The PIR motion detector detect motion up to 25′. The weather resistant design will make this light last for years to come. Warm White color temperature (3000K) Simple to install.

HyperTough 500 Lumen LED Solar Powered Motion Sensor Street Light:

  • SOLAR POWERED, ENERGY SAVING: Install light without an electrical outlet. Zero cost to run with the power of the sun. Lithium-ion battery is easily changeable and can be purchased at many retail outlets. solar panel will charge the battery in sunlight and can charge at a low current level in most other weather conditions.
  • MOTION SENSOR FUNCTION: The flood light will turn on automatically at low level when dark. The detection range can vary by weather and humidity. The HyperTough Light has a 25′ range. When motion is detected, the light will go on at full power for 30 seconds. After the 30 seconds, the light will revert to low power.
  • SUPER BRIGHT LED’s: The HyperTough LED solar lights use high quality LED technology for bright, long lasting life. The LED electronics are engineered for brightness and efficiency. . The light temperature is 3000k.
  • EASY INSTALLATION & WEATHER RESISTANT: One Piece Design for simple installation. The light and solar panel are weather resistant for years of use.
  • INSTALLATION PLACEMENT: perfect for the porch, back yard, front door, garage, driveway, walkway, decks, outdoor staircases, etc. NO ELECTRICITY NEEDED

HyperTough 500 Lumen LED Solar Powered Motion Sensor Street Light

20 reviews for HyperTough 500 Lumen LED Solar Powered Motion Sensor Street Light

  1. Liz

    This light is awesome! Its incredibly bright for such a small light. It will light up an entire room or outdoors area if you need it to. It charges quickly and holds the charge for a good while. I really like the motion sensor on it too. I will be getting another one, so I can have two great light.

  2. ninjamonkeymama

    It was super easy to install and looks sharp against our brick. We were surprised how bright it was despite being cloudy all day. We placed it over our hose bib which is pitch black at night. This light illuminated it all the time at a bright setting. When motion was sensed, it lit up even brighter. This is a fantastic light and we will be purchasing one for the other side of our house.

  3. Jennifer82

    Leave led light on “off” & let it charge sun 3 days to fully
    Charge then switch to “ on/auto”. Took less than 5
    minutes to install light. Light comes on at dark
    automatically & ion battery was included as well.
    I like How light stays on dim /power save mode all night
    & When it senses any Motion it fully comes on &
    covers 25 feet. I’m so impressed with light I will
    purchase more of these lights.

  4. pegmckpt

    Hyper Tough 500 Lumen Solar Motion Street LED Solar Security Light is a very efficient automatic light you can put anywhere you have sunshine to keep it charged up. It comes with screws and Molly bolts needed for mounting. I am not currently able to mount the light right now since I need to get up on a ladder and need someone to assist me. With current social distancing, I don’t have anyone to help me. I did out put it on the porch to charge the battery and it does work! I think it’s a very useful light to have for any unlit place in your yard or around the outside of the house that needs some illumination.

  5. Snoopygirl

    I am reviewing the Hyper Tough Solar LED Security Light as a Wal-Mart Sparks Reviewer. If you are looking for a compact and easy light to install you will really like this light! It took us about 10 minutes to put up outside on our porch and a nice feature they included in the instructions is a template to use when mounting the bracket; it shows you exactly where the screw holes are to be drilled. I also like that this is a motion detection light up to 25 feet. It also has two levels of brightness; low and high. It will automatically turn onto the low level and then when motion is detected it will kick into the high level. I should mention this is a solar light so it has a solar battery in it that you will need to charge when you first install the light. You do that by leaving the power switch in the off position for the first three sunny days then turn the power switch to auto. This really puts out a lot of light and brightens up our porch and steps when it comes on and I love that it is solar and it’s not using electricity when it comes on. We liked it so much we have installed a second light over our driveway. I really recommend this solar light!

  6. Tameli

    Oh man I really like this light. I mounted it with the enclosed screws to my walkway stairs and it comes on exactly like I need it to. Its bright and it lights a good bit of my steps so I can see going up my porch and into my house. It was easy to mount it’s not heavy and it stays put with the two screws I mounted it with.

  7. ScorpionsSting

    This light can be affixed to many different areas of your home. I love it on the side of the porch. It provides nice soft lighting that is activated by motion sensors. This product was received as part of Walmart’s Spark Review Program, in exchange for my personal review of the product.

  8. Faye

    When this light arrived, we were not sure where we’d want to permanently install it. We ended up installing it on a moveable base (see pic) that is a 2 x 4 cemented inside a pot.

    I was not impressed with the light that seemed quite dim for what was termed a ‘streetlight’ and that was night before last. Last night I went to the yard where my husband had put the light and was not impressed with the dim glow, BUT lo and behold, THEN THERE WAS LIGHT! The brightest light went ‘on’ maybe there is a motion sensor (did not read description fully) so this was THE NICEST SURPRISE. It is truly a street light quality of light. We may leave it on the current position and use it where we need it most in our backyard.

    I am happy I checked it out properly. Very happy!

  9. ZGalaxy90s

    Some times the light seems like it doesn’t want to come on when you walk near it, but in general it still works and the light is not too bright, it’s just right, we use it behind our house especially for our dog when he has to use the bathroom at night.

  10. itsmeMrsz

    The lights are extremely bright. It’s also bigger than most lights that offer the same benefits. We had a hard time trying to decide where to put it; due to the size, but we like it. We have only had it for a few weeks, so I can not comment on how long it will last in the elements.

  11. Pearls81

    I am a Walmart Spark Reviewer and had the opportunity to review the Hyper Tough 500 Lumen Solar Motions Street LED Solar Security Light. It is recommended that this security light sets in the sun for three days to activate. Due to the solar power, a select location for placement is needed to accommodate this. This light is sleek and beautiful. It illuminates a very bright light. It does establish a sense of security. It fits well for my purpose in my patio area.

  12. Kitseyboo

    I received the Hyper Tough 500 Lumen Solar Motion Street LED Solar Security Light from the Spark Reviewer Program. This light is amazing. The installation process could not be more simple. The light comes on at dusk. I love that it is automatic and solar powered. It has a nice dim glow. Any motion within 20 feet turned it on to the super bright mode. There are lots of trees around and this is the farthest distance I could measure. We had a serious Spring storm, super strong winds and the light stayed in place and functioned correctly. I installed the light on one of the sheds on our property. I have some very large pad cactus by the shed. In the Fall, the Bucks like to rub the fuzz off their antlers using my cactus. They destroy many of the pads. I usually shine the spotlight to scare them away. I think this light will do the job for me now. It’s the younger bucks that come around most frequently. Doesn’t take much to scare them away. The change from dim to bright is pretty significant. I am going to purchase a few more to put out around my patio and garage. I was so pleasantly surprised by how sturdy and well made this light is. The price is so low for the quality. I would recommend this to anyone needing security lighting that is energy efficient, effective and easy to install.

  13. Lindsaylb

    This LED solar light is so bright. We use our back door more than the front and it gets pretty dark, so when we got home late at night it was hard to unlock the door, but this light solved my problem. Not only is it solar, but you can also add batteries, in case there’s not many sunny days. It lights up right away with movement, and even when there’s no movement, the light stays on through out the night. It has two different brightness settings, when there’s no movement is on but it’s not so bright, just enough light to see outside, but as soon as there’s movement it brightens up a lot and it’s just perfect. I love the design and color, and the easy to install.

  14. Tiff

    I was really surprised when I got this in.
    It is actually bigger than what I expected.
    I have put it out by my flower bed, when the wind blows a flag flies,
    and the sensor picks it up. So therefore you can see my flowers anytime
    of the night. I am very pleased with a price,size,
    and how bright it is. No complaints here!

  15. sleeknight

    I received this item and installed it myself. I am a senior 77 year old female and with the help of the template enclosed it was easy to install. I just punched two beginner holes with a hammer and nail and then screwed in the two screws with my cordless screw driver. Then I turned light on automatic and hung on the two screws. I put it on the side of little building where I have my hot water heater at. It was really easy. No need for any electrical cord or anything as it works on solar power. I was surprised to see the amount of light it puts out when it detected movement. It worked so well, I am thinking I am going to get another one. I would highly recommend this as it works well and is priced right.

  16. Wrchurch

    500L STRT LHT 500 Lumen Solar Street and Landscape Light

    Safety inside and outside my house is a big. We have a doorbell that shows who is at the door, we have windows with alarms, and some lights around the outside of the house. However, we have one side of the house that is pitch dark at night. We needed to find some type of security light to put up to discourage people and even raccoons from lurking on that side of the house. This solar light was an answer to my search. One thing that I feel is needed with a security is to include a motion detection sensor with the light. The 500 lumen solar security light has a 120 detection angle and a detection range of up to 25 FT. When the light detects something it comes one and as the item comes closer the light gets brighter. The light is super bright. The package comes complete with mounting screws and wall plugs. The solar panel measures 5.98 x 5.39 inches. For no extra cost it comes with a 2-year warranty. A very good thing about this security solar light is Lumen: 500 Lumens -20 Lumen (Energy-Saving Mode). I would certainly tell all of my friends about this light that is easy to install and works so well. It provides security and a peace of mind by giving you a solar powered fixture to lighten up dark areas around your property.

  17. Niksicle

    This light is amazing. Although it’s meant to be wall mounted, I mounted it to a fence post that I put in a big flower pot so I could move it around the yard as needed. It’s currently being used to light up the stone walkway to my pool. It’s perfect because it has two different light modes. When it senses movement, a dim light comes on and as you get closer within around 5 feet or so, the light gets very bright. We plan to get several more for other places in the yard. It has an on/off switch on the back so you can turn it completely off it you want. I highly recommend this motion sensor solar light.

  18. ispeye7

    For the low price, it’s worth trying out. For a newbie, it’s a good cheap intro to solar battery charged lighting.

    Before I installed it, I charged the solar panel for 3 days as instructed in direct sunlight on the off position. Before doing this, I had turned it on and was surprised that it was as bright as blazes, so I don’t understand why it needed 3 days of charging. I’ll probably look for another solar light that is portable (has a mount?) for temporary charging locations, since where I want it which is over my landing staircase, where more security lighting is needed, doesn’t seem to get as much light as required for a long enough charge.

    I do wish the instructions weren’t in such fine print and were more simply explained especially regarding a template.

  19. Krissi

    Hyper Tough 500 Lumen LED Solar Powered Motion Sensor Street Light is a handy little light, but the street light part of the name is a bit misleading. A paper template of where the holes need to be would have been nice, as you have to line up the tabs and it can be a bit difficult, as it is hard to see where things need to be with the bulk of the light in the way. The light, once hung, feels a bit flimsy and it is not something I see making through a windstorm. The entire top is a solar panel and the bottom has approximately 30 LEDs, which gives off a good amount of light at night, when fully charged. The solar charge keeps the light working most of the night, but not all. It is motion activated and works extremely well, as we can be 15 ft away and it will come on. It has a wide angle of light that spanned 180 degrees in my yard. While this light is a handy light to have in a dark area, such as around a barn or outside a back door, I must say this is the equivalent of a streetlight, as the light is not that bright and does dull the more it is used. This light does not come with a stand. It must be hung on the side of a structure. It also does not work all night, only as long as there is a charge. It works well for what I need it for!

  20. Startingoverat60

    Hyper Tough Solar LED Security Light – This light is a quick and easy outdoor light to mount. We use this LED Sensor light near our front door because that’s where it’s darkest at night. However it can be used for garden, backyard, deck, porch, patio, pond, veggie patch, driveway, or any outdoor location that needs a light. The main features I like are that it’s weatherproof and heatproof. I had no fear of environmental damage when my husband mounted it near the front entrance.
    The solar light will automatically switch off which saves energy. At night it will turn on when the motion sensor detects motion and the light will turn off 30 seconds after motion stops. What surprised me was that it only takes 6-8 hours to fully charge from the sun light so its short charging time is ideal for those short winter days. The 3M adhesive on the back make for easy installation on virtually any surface (screws were also included)
    Other feathers that I like are it saves electricity with unique wide angle design and motion sensor; automated switch, solar sensor lights turn on at dusk when detected. Plus it’s weather resistance. Solar sensor lights are waterproof, cordless and heat-resistant. Solar sensor lights are suitable for most kinds of weathers.

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