onn. 2.4A Lightning Car Charger, Vehicle Adapter for iPhone, iPad and iPod, Black

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Power up! We’ve taken the hassle out of charging. Simply plug our handy Lightning Car Charger into your Lightning device and your car’s charging port and charge away! This three-foot charger allows you to charge while you drive, so you can multitask and always have a charged phone. Connect onn.

We’re onn. to something here. We took the hassle out of buying electronics and built a brand that’s fresh and simple. With delightful pops of color, finding the right product has never been easier. Say goodbye to stressful decision-making and fear of the electronics aisle. Our mission is simple … to deliver great products and make it easy. Choose onn. and get back to using your brainpower for the important things in life … like pondering the question, “What should I binge watch this weekend?”

onn. 2.4A Lightning Car Charger with 3 ft Apple Certified Cable

  • Lightning car charger for charging portable Apple devices when traveling in the car 
  • Apple MFi certification ensures complete charge and sync compatibility with iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 mini, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus, iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, AirPods and more. 
  • Plugs directly into your car’s DC adapter for convenient high-speed charging (2.4A output) 
  • Over-voltage, current, heat, and short circuit protection
  • Straight cable measures 3 feet long for flexible placement and use; Black color.”

onn. 2.4A Lightning Car Charger, Vehicle Adapter for iPhone, iPad and iPod, Black

15 reviews for onn. 2.4A Lightning Car Charger, Vehicle Adapter for iPhone, iPad and iPod, Black

  1. Honey1234

    This is the perfect charger for my son to charge his I pad in my car.
    I’m going to purchase one for my husband’s truck so i don’t have to
    Keep switching back and forth we will just have one in each car.
    It is very simple to use it’s convenient and doesn’t take up a
    Lot of space

  2. Turtle23

    I have been using this ONN charger to charge my iPhone 8 Plus every day for the past week. It works well and I’m very pleased with it! My favorite thing about this charger is that it has a blue light on the front to let me know that it’s charging just by glancing at it. With this feature, I don’t have to pick up my phone and double-check that it’s charging as I did with my previous chargers.

    It charges my phone super fast! Most days I start charging at around 30% and it only takes it around an hour to fully charge. I feel like that’s a little quicker than many car chargers on the market. So far, it seems sturdy, and doesn’t feel like it’s going to break easily. The charging cord itself is built into the actual plug part, so there are no cords or cables to have to keep up with or lose, which is also a bonus for me. Lastly, the cord is about 3 feet long, and this length allows me to still play on my phone from the front seats and still be connected to the charger at the same time, which is perfect!

    All in all, I don’t have any complaints about this charger. I’m definitely pleased with its features, durability, and the time it takes to charge my phone with it.

  3. Bizzles

    The Connect Onn. 2.4 amp lightning car charger can be used with the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. I personally used it in both a Ford and Dodge truck. The cord is long enough at three feet to reach both center consoles and both front seats from the main power source easily. The blue light indicator makes sure that I know it is plugged in and receiving power. The packaging is completely recyclable from the cardboard to the plastic encasement. The cable does not detach from the plug, it is all one piece. The plug itself is compact at just under 2 inches and does not stick out from the socket as far as some of the longer plugs do, which in my opinion mean less chances of bending and ultimately breaking the cord which we know happens too often. It also features short circuit protection as well as over-voltage, current, and over heating protection. The product works great so far for me. It is extremely easy to use and know that it is working because of the indicator light, & the protection gives me ease of mind that it is safe to use in my vehicles.

  4. ReviewBoy

    The ONN 2.4 Car LTG Car Charger is convenient for use in my car or truck. It is not bulky like some I have seen. With the 3 ft attached Lightning Cable this charger is all you need to keep the battery powered up and your iPhone ready for connecting with the outside world while on-the-go.

    The compact design with the 3 ft cable is sufficient to keep your phone within hands reach, yet not too long so as to be annoying and getting wound around the vehicle console. It can be easily carried in a ladies purse or kept in a glove box for instant access for use.

    The charger is compatible with most Apple iPhones and other products within Apple’s lineup. It plugs directly into any vehicle’s DC outlet for an on-the-go charging station. It charges rather quickly when compare with similar chargers.

    I can recommend the ONN Car Charger for your purchase consideration to keep your phone and other similar items ready for emergency or regular use on-the-go. It is very inexpensive and affordable for anyone.

  5. ggvillages

    Many older cars and most recreational vehicles only have a 12 volt DC accessory power outlet for charging phone, iPads, etc. while using in the vehicles. I wanted a good lightning connector that did not pop out of the power outlet and one that REALY works with Apple Products. This Connect Onn works perfectly in my golf cart 12 volt power outlet with my Apple iPhone 8 Plus and my older iPod as well as my iPad Pro for charging. It is difficult to find a connector that is reasonably priced that will work with Apple products, but this one works like a charm. The connector is made of heavy gauge thick plastic and is 2.4 amps. It fits easily in the outlet and has a blue charging light that glows to let you know it is connected, which is a plus! . (See picture 1 below). It is clearly stated on the bottom left front side of package That it is designed to fit Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod – (see picture 2 below). This charger will work with any Apple product that has a lightning connector. I highly recommend. ,

  6. Ment4me

    So glad I got to try this product. It is small
    Enough to put in my purse. When I need it
    I just take it from my purse and plug it in.
    The color is close to my color in my car of
    Cloth. Looks real sharp in my car and works
    Lightening fast.

  7. Southmom

    We actually put this charger in my husbands vehicle as he didn’t have one. We would just wait until he got home to recharge his phone. Charger works fine and we are very happy with it.

  8. Ginnyg

    I had my doubts about using this with my iPhone. Often, if an accessory is not made by Apple, there are problems. So far, no problems at all. I usually use my usb in my car but have two places that I can plug a charger like this in. So this is great to have in case an extra charger is needed. Very happy with it!

  9. Mandibees

    This car charger is very nice works well with my iPhone and very convenient to have!! We never want to leave the house without our cell phones but they are no good if they are not properly charged!! I like to keep my phone plugged in when I play music or use my navigation apps that way my battery does not run down fast. I am purchasing more for stocking stuffers!!

  10. stephanielovenpeace

    Finally a car charger that works! I have had the hardest time finding a decent charging cable for my car! My battery was at about 50% when I had to run a couple of errands a few days ago. I plugged my phone into this cable, ran my few errands and about 20 minutes later, my phone was already at 90%! It doesn’t take up any room at all and I like that the cable is spiraled so it shouldn’t wear out like the traditional cable do. Definitely recommend!!

  11. maggie

    This charger is light and well-designed. It does not take up room in my purse and is not in the way when plugged in. Very compact. I prefer it to the bulky ones I have had in the past. Works very well and the cord length is just right. This is a great product.

  12. GeorgiaV

    I used this item in my 2008 Dodge Truck which doesn’t have a port. This came in handy on the road. It gave me the ability to charge my iPad and iPhone while driving therefore it was fully charged before I got to my destination.

  13. MeridianGerry

    Works well and does the job. I would buy the unit at a competitive price. I don’t do much driving so this sort of thing isn’t a priority for me, but it seems to fit the bill.

  14. SgrannyJ

    I was so pleasantly surprised with this charger. It takes no time to charge my phone. Best part is it doesn’t cause my phone to over heat. Very high quality. This is not an over priced cheap charger. I have already ordered 3 more every car is ready.

  15. Mike

    I really like it. It charge my iPhone really fast

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