Scosche 4-in-1 Universal Mounting Kit for Mobile Devices

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The versatile Scosche 4-in-1 Universal Mounting Kit for Mobile Devices is perfect for conveniently mounting your smartphone. The removable vent clips make it easy to switch the mount from one vehicle to another. The suction cup mount works great on windows or for use on your vehicle’s dash, cup holder, console or any flat surface when used with the included adhesive mounting disc. The strong suction cup base is reusable. The vent clips attach to both small and large sized louvers. The 360-degree design allows you to rotate seamlessly between portrait and landscape orientation in a snap. Securing your device is easy: just place it between the adjustable arms and use the convenient push button to lock the phone in place. To remove your phone just press the button to release the arms. The arms adjust to accommodate any device, up to 4” wide. With just a simple push of the button, quickly release your device from the mount with the quick release button. It is now the law in many states that you must have your smartphone mounted in your vehicle while driving.

Scosche 4-in-1 Universal Mounting Kit for Mobile Devices, Ihw10-Sp1

  • 4-in-1 universal mount kit that can be used on your vehicles window, dash, vent, cup holder or any flat surface in the home of office
  • Stick-Grip Suction Cup base safely secures your mobile device to your vehicles dash, window or any flat, textured surface in your home or office. The design makes it easy to move from one location to another
  • One touch push button design adjusts arm to fit smartphone, tablet, or GPS devices up to 4” wide
  • 360-Degree rotating design and flexible neck provide custom options for viewing your device from almost any angle
  • T-notch opening, and T-notch hitch allow the universal holder to lock securely in place on the suction cup or vent mount

Package Includes:

  • Universal holder
  • Vent mount
  • (2) Standard vent clips for vent mount
  • Flexible neck suction cup mount
  • Adhesive mounting disc
  • Alcohol Prep pad
  • User Manual

Scosche 4-in-1 Universal Mounting Kit for Mobile Devices

13 reviews for Scosche 4-in-1 Universal Mounting Kit for Mobile Devices

  1. LD

    I really like this thing. It’s sturdy and well made. It really sticks to the window. I have other devices that mount on the window but they fall off a lot. This product has never fell off. I don’t care for vent mounts because I like to have the device in front of me so I don’t have to look away from the road but for this review I tried the vent mount. The vent mount worked just fine and kept my device in place. The biggest plus for me was how well it sticks to the window. Most products like this that I have had you can hit the release lever and they pop right off of the window. This product you have to actually put a little effort into taking it off the window. I would definitely recommend this product.
    I received this product from the Spark Reviewer program in exchange for my honest review and this did not influence my review of the product. I really do love this product.

  2. BF

    The scosche 4 in1 universal mounting kit is a great item for hands free calling and anything hands free. It works really well. There are four options for mounting it. I used the suction cup for the windshield and it holds really well. I love this thing.

  3. Smilinbri

    I received this phone holder via the Sparks Reviewer program. It has a great look to it. Like the padding, the suction cup holds well and was easy to install. It rotates which is great for using Google maps while driving. Easy to release phone. Only minor thing is wish the extension arm was a little longer. Does have space for car charger to connect while in stand.

  4. Mommyw1YRold

    My husband loves this phone holder!! He chose it for himself after I kept buying the “less functional” ones. He says it’s practical, inexpensive and fits both his personal and work phones and also adjustable for easy reach.


    Great product had a mount I bought off Amazon and would constantly fall off bought this I’m so glad I bought this Schoce item as it stays put on the windshield even after hitting some nasty bumps and potholes here in Bangor, Maine I highly recommend this item it works like a charm.

  6. SouthTexasGuy

    The Scosche 4-in-1 Mounting Kit for cell phones and GPS is a pretty nice kit. There are a couple of things I would change based on how it mounts in my Toyota Tacoma, but with a little work I was able to position it where it would be very easy to view and not block my forward vision. I’ll start with all the good stuff.

    Everything you need to safely go hands-free with your phone is included in this package. There are two different mounts included. The suction cup mount has a flexible neck for attaching it either to the windshield directly or to a dash with an included mounting pad. A smaller mount attaches the phone to a car AC/heating vent on the dash. Also included are two alcohol pads for cleaning an attachment spot and very complete instructions. It’s packaged nicely with good support in the box for all the components.

    After reading the instructions I did some test mounting with a couple of phones – a Phoenix 4 smart phone in a case surround and a larger Apple 7 in a LIFEPROOF case. The back of the Apple case also has a pop-up device to wrap your fingers around. Both phones fit very securely in the mount. There’s a small push button on the back of the mount to open the wings that hold the phone from the sides and two small swing-out feet on the base of the mount to support the phone from below. There’s plenty of adjustment with those feet so access to the phone charging port (assuming it’s on the bottom) is not a problem at all. Great design and even with the larger phone and the pop-up on the back of the case, the phone was securely cradled by the mount.

    I took the kit out to my Toyota Tacoma to try the fit. This is where things didn’t go perfectly at first. Both the instructions and common sense say to not mount the phone where it will interfere with your vision, and while using the suction cup windshield mount that was actually very difficult to do with the flexible arm straight out. Everywhere I mounted the suction cup put the phone somewhere in the critical line of sight. The best place I could find was above and left of the steering wheel, but that would mean draping a power cord across the steering wheel column and that won’t work for me. So, back to the drawing board.

    The Tacoma windshield has a pretty steep angle to it. Fortunately the flexible arm is well-made and allows plenty of adjustments. By putting a tight “S” bend in the flexible neck I found I was able to mount the phone low enough to keep it out of the line of sight. I was then able to mount the suction cup low enough on the windshield so looking over the top of it was not a problem and it didn’t block any of my view (see picture). This turned out to be the best location for me and it worked whether the phone was in a vertical or horizontal position.

    Securing the phone using the included AC/heating vent mount placed the phone in a great position for viewing without blocking any windshield view. Unfortunately that also means substantially blocking one of four dash vents, regardless of how I placed the mount (see picture). This is south Texas and summer is coming, so that’s a non-starter for me. I also had some concerns over potentially breaking the vent fins with the mount, so again, that mounting spot won’t work, at least not for me.

    The third mounting option was to use the adhesive mounting pad to secure the mount to the dash surface. The mounting tape is 3M™ Double Coated Polyethylene Foam Tape. With a little research I was able to learn this is some seriously strong tape. Among other things, it’s often used to hold rearview mirrors in place. Because of this I opted to not secure the mount to my dash using the 3M foam tape and pad. My concern was that I’d damage the dash if were to remove the mount. I did hold the mount in several locations to see if placement would work. Everywhere I held it, I was back to blocking at least a portion of the windshield, so that was a non-starter anyway. Still, it might work for your application.

    Finally, the suction cup is crazy strong. I didn’t even clean the windshield beforehand because I was just test fitting the mount. I could barely get it to release from the glass to move it to another spot. After I was finished with the test fits I actually hung 15 pounds from the mount. My fear of somehow breaking my windshield with that weight forced me to remove the suction cup before it came loose on its own. I did leave the suction cup stuck on the windshield in the Texas heat for a couple of days with about 4 pounds of weight on it and it still didn’t release. I doubt it will release accidentally while you’re driving. All in all, it’s a well-made set. With a little imagination and testing multiple configurations, this Scosche phone and GPS mount should work as well in any vehicle.

  7. Mcarthurdw

    This just an amazing product! Incredibly versatile. When they say four in one, they are not kidding, and every option works just great. Holds my Galaxy 9s perfectly. Easy to turn the phone sideways when needed as well. Quick & convenient; Just set your phone in and squeeze the sides. To release the phone there is a small button on the right side that opens the holder. I was actually pleasantly surprise at how well the suction cup works on the windshield. It sticks far better than expected, in fact it takes n effort to remove it even when you release the suction. Honestly the only real issue I have with the holder is that the securing device for the sides of the phone block the volume controls. I haven’t yet tried the dash mount, as it comes with a 3M PF Foam disk with adhesive I am a little concerned about making sure about putting into the correct spot, and at some point removing it with out damaging the dash. I haven’t tried the vent attachment as yet, mostly as living in Florida, it’s warm most of the year, and our summers can be quite brutal, so I need all the cool air flow from the vents I can get. All in all, I love this product!

  8. Jim3000gt

    I live in Missouri and my son is in the Air Force. He gets stationed around the country at different airbases. I try to visit him when I can but I don’t know my way to them all and I use my phone GPS to find them. It is hard to look down at the phone. This Scosche mounting device makes it so much better. I tried the vent mount but it was still low. I mounted it on the dashboard and it was perfect to follow the maps. It also helped to put the sound closer to hear when it’s time to turn. The mount is made of heavy duty plastic and the bracket to hold the phone is adjustable for various types of phones. I have a large Note 10 and it fits and holds without coming loose. You can mount it on dash, in vent or the side window. At such a cheap price, this is a great investment for hands free driving.

  9. Bobby

    It does the job til it can’t anymore. It’s plastic and phones are a little heavier than what the design can handle for long periods of time. Mine lasted about 2 months before it but the dust. But also know I’m a little bit hard on stuff I buy because I like to test stuff out and see if it’s durable enough for me then I know it’s good enough for me to recommend it to others. This is good for if you have to get by for a little while.

  10. Whip

    This mobile mounting kit works very well in my truck to hold the phone securely while driving. Used the vent mount attachment and an very pleased with how well it works. It can hold just about any device that’s out on the market today. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a safe way to use a mobile device in a vehicle.Do not know anything more to add or say about this product but that it worked very well for my needs and would not hesitate to get another in the future.

  11. Atotheb

    mounts to the vent perfectly, the windshield and the dash. I love it. Also has room on the bottom for charging cord and aux cord to fit perfectly.

  12. Mae

    Fantastic phone holder and many options for use. Love it and how its sturdy enough to hold the weight of my phone and its case.

  13. JAG

    I use Drive Safe & Save to save money on my auto insurance and so must bring my phone with me so the services can be used on the driving tracker.

    That’s why I got this car mounting kit for me iPhone SE. It has lots of options but I chose the cup stand mounting option. It’s a nice, sturdy, & flexible phone holder for my car.

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