Uboxes TV Adjustable Moving Box Fits Up to 70″

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Uboxes TV moving box is best used for packing any flat panel TV between the sizes of 56″ and 70″. An amazing solution as opposed to just covering a TV in moving blankets or bubble. Its recommenced to consider buying fragile labels for added cautiousness for the handling of such a precious item. Uboxes TV moving boxes increase the sense of security during the moving process given the value of the item. Fragile this side up warning notice printed on both sides of the etc. 42 rated box.

  • Uboxes Adjustable Flat Screen TV Box that’s able to fit a tv up to 70 inches
  • Heavy-duty up to 72″ x 6″ x 42″ double-wall box
  • Includes 2 Double Wall corrugated sleeves to protect your Television
  • Don’t forget to wrap your TV in the large bubble or moving blankets before packing
  • Please see the instructional picture included to put the box together

Uboxes TV Adjustable Moving Box Fits Up to 70″

3 reviews for Uboxes TV Adjustable Moving Box Fits Up to 70″

  1. BOJO2

    Box came within 2 business days which is excellent.
    Instructions were not included with the box, took a while to find them on the manufactures web site.

  2. Mouse747

    Box is two large pieces, but it’s thin enough cardboard to fold down and set in a corner until it’s time to use it. Both box sides are very long and each completely covered my 55 in tv alone. However, they are made to have one side slide into the other- which allows for size adjustment and doubles the thickness. This box wasn’t as strong as the shipping box my tv came in and it buckled on the sides abit after we fought to push one side into the other. But the combo (with old towels, cushions and sheets inside to Cover and cushion the tv) was enough to secure the tv. We could lift the tv in this box with no fear of breaking and put the tv in a storage unit with no worries. We didn’t stack anything on the box either.

  3. StuBaby

    My long distant mover was going to charge me $175 to box my 56″ Flat Screen TV. I thought I could do it much cheaper, and found this box to be perfect to allow me to do just that. The box was shipped for FREE to the closest WALMART near me within a couple of days. Everything was communicated to me by e-mail, as to when the product actually shipped, when it would arrive, and when it was actually ready for pick up. You can’t get any easier than that.

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