Zenna Home Beige Solid Print PEVA Shower Liner, 72″ x 72″

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Protect your bathroom floor and keep the water in the shower with the Zenna Home Super Heavyweight Premium 10-Gauge Shower Curtain or Liner. The Super Heavyweight Shower Curtain is made of quality, durable vinyl. This product is treated with an agent to resist mildew. The Super Heavyweight Premium Liner is so strong, it can be used alone to allow light into your shower or paired with a fabric shower curtain. Featuring a reinforced mesh header with rustproof metal grommets that will protect the liner from tearing around the rings. Draft resistant bottom keeps the shower liner close to the bathtub walls. For easy care and maintenance, just wipe clean with a damp cloth. We recommend fully opening your liner to dry after use.

  • Premium 10-gauge super heavyweight quality vinyl
  • This product is treated with an agent to resist mildew.
  • Reinforced nylon mesh header and rustproof metal grommets
  • All PVC shower liners have an inherent mild scent when new. To eliminate this smell on your new Zenna Home liner, simply rinse your liner, wash it with mild soap and water, and allow it to air dry before using it for the first time
  • Wipe with a damp cloth to keep clean
  • Measures 72″ x 72″ to fit standard shower/tub areas
  • Works with any hooks or rings

            Zenna Home Beige Solid Print PEVA Shower Liner, 72″ x 72″

            13 reviews for Zenna Home Beige Solid Print PEVA Shower Liner, 72″ x 72″

            1. rikirud

              This shower curtain is very thick. It is one of the thickest I have seen!
              For the price it is an excellent deal! I have seen shower curtains in local stores
              That are not even close to this ones thickness sell for 40 dollars

            2. MsSandeeP

              This is a very nice quality shower curtain liner. It’s very thick and I’m so glad I bought this. I would have paid 3 times this amount if I had purchased it at a fancy department store.

            3. 2004WMAssociate

              Love it because its clear and see through my bathroom is very dim. Best of all it is 10 gauge weight so you never have to worry about it flying up an sticking to you.

              The shower rings are silver metal and are rustproof according to the info. Has a plastic smell after opening but I love it because it makes the bathroom smell fresh and clean. Thank you Walmart!

            4. MomThruMyEyes

              The shower curtain liner works very well. It’s thick, heavy, and doesn’t allow any water to leak out when the shower is running. It did have a strong plastic smell when it was first taken out of the package, but after a few days, it’s worn off. Would definitely recommend.

            5. Hollyraspberry

              I am sooo happy with this purchase. I’ve always bought the cheap light weight liner not understanding why I’d need a heavyweight one. Recently, we changed shower curtain rods and the liner was always kinda blowing in the shower and that mess is cold when you’re taking a shower and it touches you. I figured $13 was worth potentially fixing that and it did! It feels like a million bucks and I highly doubt I’ll need to replace as often as the lightweight. It’s thick but not super heavy but heavy enough to not blow in on you. I’m really happy with this choice, would buy it again and would recommend it to all my friends.

            6. Debbie

              I bought this shower curtain for the first time about 3 years ago. Overtime it’s just got in a little bit stiffer and I decided it was time to get a new one. It’s a heavy quality,and doesn’t blow around when the shower is on. There is no way I would consider a different option. You can’t beat it, it’s not expensive, fast shipping, super nice high quality clear vinyl curtain.I hate to say it but I would even buy it if it cost more money.

            7. desertfire

              These are probably the best shower curtain liners I have ever had. They are thick enough to hang like they are supposed to without the help of those magnets; I thought I would miss the magnets but I don’t. I appreciate that they do not have that strong chemical smell that usually comes with new shower curtains. They cost a bit more but there are two of them and I really like them.

            8. dragonflykeeper

              I’d give these shower curtain liners 20 stars if it was allowed…lol because they are crystal clear, heavy duty, and you get 2 for the price of one of the other brands, the price was great ! as strong and durable as these liners are I’m pretty sure I won’t need to buy any replacements anytime soon these are going to last a long time

            9. Cindi9

              Very thick shower curtains. Did smell a bit when put up in bathroom. Took a few showers for the lines to start to flatten out. Would buy these again.

            10. merp

              Nice product. I wanted a thicker shower curtain liner that wouldn’t billow out. This shower curtain is thicker and much nicer than the thinner cheap ones. I would buy it again if I ever need another one!!

            11. Aggravatedbythemop

              If this had magnets it would be FIVE STARS. Heavy weight, doesn’t blow in on you while you’re showering. Sometimes I have difficulty getting it to sit just right. I think magnets would solve that problem. I’m hoping that as I break it in and it becomes less stiff, it will drape better.

            12. twiceamom

              Very nice. Hangs well.

            13. Deepplumcrab54

              This is just the kind of shower curtain/liner I was looking for. I like that it is see through because I have a curtain that will be used over it and I did not want to be too dark inside the tub. I bought 2 so I have a back up. Thanks So Much for offering this.

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